Effectual Journey of SoO

2013 – Transekt Thesis: hypothesis that collaboration is actually not a crapshoot, but really the impact of design decisions around language, time, and space. Output: book of these learnings across 6 collaborative projects taking place the The New School in NYC

2014 – Represented Design: hypothesis that the organization that we need for designing within communities needs to be lead by actors that come from the communities that they are designing with. Output: Represented NGO which has grown dormant

2015 – Ellery Studio and Diffferent working experiences: hypothesis that these are ideal places to work and that deciding the agency mission prior to producing work together was a ‘best practice’

2016 – International Social Innovation at Diffferent: hypothesis that it’s possible to demonstrate the business viability (profit) of social innovation. Insight: business norms not ready for the commitment to making the exploration of value demonstration for a traditional agency and for an unprotected cohort of colleagues dependent on org activities for daily thriving

2017 – Supernova Institute: hypothesis that we bring people together and then we can decide what we will do together. Insight:

2018 – System D, Agency, and finally landing on Society of Owners

2019 and beyond, what are some likely impacts on health, creativity, client productivity….