A Bubble is a daydream.

What are the things you find yourself dreaming about doing while you’re at your job? What kind of work do you wish you were actually doing?

The economy of the future needs your unique skills! What future work title would you pursue if there was no systemic needle bursting your bubble?!

Help us make a vision of future work by contributing your future work fantasies.

Bubbles we’ve collected

Network Folder

Bring knowledge from different disciplines into translation
Synthesize complex information and communicate it simply
Identify opportunities for cynergistic partnership and collaboration

We are:

We are calling for a system reset –
we will play unique roles in creating our future.

We are the Social Ecosystem Generalists of tomorrow; building and filtering quality relationships, assisting others to find the place where they thrive and belong,
while supporting the awareness of resources, skills, and emerging value within complex living systems.

We are tomorrow’s Unmanagers; responsible for diagnostics of potential and musicians of the unheard, implementing the invisible inevitabilities, and yielding sketchbooks.

We are answering the call for Network Folders who bridge organizations and geographies for collective intelligence that is human(e).
We are joy artists – guiding others towards deeper connections, pushing you through your bucket-list, and making challenges enjoyable.

We are the emerging Strategic Systems Disruptors; accessing knowledge of power structures, vision design, and connecting to the oppressed.
We are the Congruency Sensors and Alignment Detectors ruthlessly listening with loving joy, intuitively surfacing intention through execution – here and now.

We will be Collective Presencing Facilitators for Cultural Creatives.

We are seeking Group System Designers, Space Makers, Catalysts, and you!