Richard Bartlett Conversation, January 29, 2019

En Spiral,
We don’t align on the words we are using for the abstract ideas that we are pursuing
There are so many bad practices out there that we need to NOT follow
People don’t know how to do this
We will have to invent the ways to do this.

People need a place where they feel relaxed, energized, and supported
What’s important is group process and curating the crowd
Drawing the exclusion line tentatively and with humility
“I want to be in spaces where I am aloud to fuck up.”
People hold me to account in a compassionate way and consider my psychological needs even though I have been the one that made the mistake.
Safe space for unsafe conversations – there is no wrong thing to say, but there is a wrong attitude.
Focus on what people actually need.
When you are starting out, you have to guess and steer the conversation in that direction. When we focus on sincere needs, that’s when we get real engagement.

“use the language of Crews” – 4 processes for groups that want to do professional development

Civic-wise in Maderna

Alignment over consensus
Harmony over unison
Resonance and Discord have roles, as long as it moves back towards harmony