Society of Owners Pitch Outline V.3

I‘m Rashid and I am creating the space for freelancers in Berlin to experiment in the development of a cooperative agency for social innovation.

Slide 1: Cover (SoO Logo)
I’m here, but I am not your next unicorn. If you are expecting something from me here today… maybe just a laugh or two is what you‘re going to walk away with.

Slide 2: (Zebra-corn)
THE FUTURE OF WORK: Ownership^Shared

Rather than focus on problems… I want to focus on strengths and opportunities. This is a strategy that I learned while working as a career coach…

I loved it because I got to work with people to reveal their strengths, develop strategies for finding the career of their dreams, and with any luck land their dream jobs.

In both that career and in my subsequent studies mentors and educators drilled it into my head: you are going to have to create the jobs that you want.
I‘ve been doing that ever since.

Slide 3: What‘s social innovation?
Social Innovation is not a buzzword and I strongly believe now is the right time to start an agency for social innovation. The topics and industries represented in the Stanford Social Innovation Review are, in fact, all encompassing.

Slide 4: What opportunities are there? (Outline of pitch)
In the next few minutes I will explain a bit about these 3 opportunities – how the misconceptions are really what makes this project exciting.

Slide 5: Wait, what is it again?
To put this simply, Society of Owners is an experiment in implementing findings from my Thesis Propositions: space, time, language, resources, governance, and market context.

Slide 6: What is this hippy shit?
The last 4 years I have consulted some of the most influential German companies as they try to modify their organizations and working culture with little success. Since the field is undefined, that means that the business models are also undefined in which the ways we will eventually be working will thrive

We and others have to learn how to work in new ways ourselves by designing the trail as we go. When I was career coaching it was estimated that more than 60 percent of future jobs had not yet been identified. It’s a blue ocean scenario.

SLIDE INSERT: Theory of Change
In the eLab we developed these theory of change structures, and these 3 stakeholders are those key to my assumptions. I‘m happy to return to this in more detail.

Slide 7: What is at stake?
Social innovation is a desired product of the International Development field. This is only one potential market of interest… this means the potential is even greater.

SO… let‘s put that in perspective – to achieve a sustained minimum viable organization for 20 senior level consultants requires 1.5EUR million.

SLIDE INSERT: that‘s an insignificant amount of the budgets available in the German context alone.

Slide 8:
Fortunately for us, since the field is ill defined, many German companies have yet to buy into social innovation – that’s about to change with the SIS2018 and a new energy around social innovation from partnerships between SEND eV and many humanitarian groups in January of 2019.

We have an early to market advantage in Germany and in international development discussions

Slide 9: Cooperation can out perform competition –
Many believe that collectives and coops are just utopian concepts, but evidence shows that 10% of the global population is a member of a cooperative business and that these businesses perform better. Since this is true, on what other measures of evaluation could cooperatives and steward-owned businesses better perform?

Slide 10: What will this Society of Owners do?
Here are 3 ideas that I have for incubation:
An open knowledge platform that combines search engine functions with economic models of production and livelihood production for social innovation
A platform for the underrepresented professionals that need to join the conversations about how to resolve our most troubling problems
A global network of cooperative-collaborators creating shared impact through launching cooperative enterprises in many forms and geographies

Slide 11: Who will take part?
These are just a couple of ideas that have been cycling through my mind the last 7 years. I’d like to introduce you to a few of my colleagues and what they might achieve when we are successful:

Slide 12:
Overview of participants in first round member-ownership un-boarding

Slide 13:
Abdel – Hybrid Innovation Academy
Celine and Alexandre – Comit
Matt and Rakesh – Life Sprints
Janica and Barbara – Voyager Podcast

Slide 14: What we need investment for:
Nothing from high return seeking investors

Slide 15: What would ensure our success?

Slide 16:
Though we aren’t actually unicorns… we are here, ready to do important work, and we have value too.

That’s what the Society of Owners is about: striving so that everyone, regardless of who or where they are, can create their dream job through self-development, cooperative education, communities of solidarity, and meaningful work.

Slide 17: Thank you.
That’s the future of work I want to be.

Slide 18: Executive Summary
Market Potential, People max earnings, Business model, Revenue calculation,