Arrival (6:20)
Rashid Intro (10 mins)
Update (10 mins)
Pairing on SoO presentation… (10 mins)
Group Sharing and Clarification (10 mins)

Individual Focus – why I‘m here, super power, what I won‘t give up, what I need in collaboration settings (A4 templates?)
Pairing Session – share with someone in the room reflections on the Individual
Group Sharing (optional) – sharing one another‘s or thematic insights
Individual focus – What projects am I working on?
Pairing Session – what are those current projects, opportunities, challenges and mapping (A4)
Group Sharing – what have we been identifying as themes we face, or opportunities for connecting/delivering value

Group Action – facilitate the themes and brainstorming or world cafe on a few topics
Closing – the next session will be this format, at this time, with this purpose
Reflection Round –
Closing: the model, the onboarding, the one-on-one, and defining the next session

Dan @elevate
Spitzmeuller –

Individual Reflection: What is Society of Owners, and why am I here?
Pair Reflection
The projects that we make have many initial intentions: something sustainable, international, does good, and represents our values
The experience is about leaving our normal lives behind, but with an element of experimentality, connecting across difference,
Feasting on the diversity of our interests and drives
Wanting to make people “equal again” – doesn’t matter where you are from, who you are with, what your gender is
It’s about choosing the right people and bringing them together – a culture and feeling for consent and how to create behavior change while recognizing the skills that people have already investing in acquiring
Finding the right people to be positive influences in a
Hesitation: what I would want to explore around feasibility – is this about bringing people together around a shared value; how do we work with the need to make collaboration feasible despite the differences we have?
Money not being evenly distribute creates a context in which political and social relationships can blow up
Understanding each other’s beliefs is more important than have the same beliefs
We have to recognize that people come from a place of ownership that makes collaboration and discussion about money a difficult topic to coordinate around
Would like to test more conversations about money and how to establish healthy collaboration (improved power distances, improved communication, improved expectations
Defining what a healthy collaboration is around each group, each project bubble, each individual
Establishing a pattern/routine with a team after you have built the relationships with them, and carrying forward with a commitment rather than having a shared background
People skip the meetings because they find something else that is more important – how might we make the cost of missing out on the collaboration higher?
Sacrificing your daily life to push a project forward is one of the burdens of being an entrepreneur – is this a way of addressing this problem and the need to make money
How can we prove the minimum viable collaboration assumption?
Speaking about individual needs and cooperative needs and money is a true area of concern but there isn’t much participation in addressing these concerns
People have a lot of personal difficulty overcoming the pressure for jobs
“Here to support in coop’ing the fuck out of everything!”
If capitalism is the problem… it is also key to the strategy that will get us to the next system
If people could exploit capitalism better…
There is a manifestation of the learning of Ostrom and others around ethical consumption – people do not really act rationally around consumption. So the things that work for us to make money are not necessarily in alignment with the values of the people…
Can we identify incentives for people that are not money…
Lack of incentives that are recognized by actors is problematic space for engagement as well.

What do we require to cross a paywall for Society of Owners collaborations?
I would really like to have a reliable structure with start and end timing
Case Clinics – I put a problem on the table, and there are 30 minutes focused on my project, problem, and get access to intelligence in the room and there is a protocol that exists to facilitate that, getting peer review, and having more space for sharing what people know
In my transformation process, it is important for me to make myself, and ideas visible so that people can reach out to me and connect so that we can find ways that are different to a facebook profile to help me get things done. We are sometimes lacking in facilitators atmosphere… but how can we connect with people to get things done? It’s not that people in other networks are thinking in the way that we do. Maybe they want to participate as well. If my money helps help me get recognized in what I am doing, I would be thankful. A space to offer others the opportunity to participate and engage (Fritz after August on the profile prototyping)
We should be connected to the topic of the event/happening and it’s useful to connect to people with a shared direction, if not shared vision and mission
If it comes to suggesting collaborations, writing a proposal for a grant, I would like to know connections to people or organizations in other nations so that we can on a short call put together a proposal
I need to have the conversations that are the starting point for developing international networks and connecting with genuine people who are working on projects that create system change (who is there is important – maybe even people that are not that well know)
I would want you to take the project management role, follow up on the projects, set a time plan, lead the communication activities, etc
Mediating the ideas between the people that are brought together, so that you understand how they work, how to overcome miscommunication, reduce the energy needed, channeling the conversations and relationships, action items and follow ups.
If it could be on a weekend, sometimes, so that I can travel from my home country and not conflict with unexpected work responsibilities
Someone who translates the connections between projects or individuals and synthesizes this for you
It would be very nice if I could just show up, get assistance on my difficulties, so that everyone has time to present their problems
Also, I would also be happy to get a job or project lead out of the session as well… having the chance to show new projects and find support (maybe even only 10 or 20 mins presentation)
Instruction and intention – I came because of the invitation, but it’s important to have expectations set
Expect that everyone is on time
Understanding a clear call to action and how this helps to create healthy collaboration
Tool for evaluating how we can come together
What do we need next and the intention to measure the shared deliverables
Giving feedback and getting coaching
Buying into something that long term rather than a single-session