„The conversation we want to start here is: what can we do to support you in further developing the cooperative economy?“
What are we?
A network of innovation consultants – technologists, service designers and strategists.
However, we face problems ourselves:
There are no tools out there for experts like us to start our own cooperative. That‘s why I am so happy to have this chance to speak today.
Shit we’ve done!
We come from the startup world / in-house product teams and have produced services and products for many top brands.
And working with large corps to be innovative/user-centric/agile such as helping develop new ventures for the future of banking, mobility sharing services, organizational transformation programs, content for corporate design thinking space design, and much more.
Our view on cooperative futures:
We see specific opportunities to grow the co-operative economy.
All industry is in flux. Major transformations, require new services from institutions that can imagine cooperation from the emergence of trillion dollar marketplaces for lending to the development of open platforms for cooperatives of all kinds.
These trends are why we want to work this way. The next generations need us to imagine these new institutions and infrastructure to get there.
We came together to help grow innovation in the co-operative sector. Organizations in co-innovation while building the skills, internally, to think creatively, get unstuck, propose many solutions to complex problems.
  • Future of work
  • Human-Scale Innovation
  • Music Culture Creation
Call to action:
We focus on driving ownership – at all levels, throughout organizations and value chains to maximize the capacities of people and organizations.
Join us in creating a Society of Owners.
What we hope to deliver:
Product Innovation
Change Management
Venture Development
Design Research
Strategic Design
Internal Capacity Building
Leadership Programs
Service Design Workshops
Design Thinking Coaching
Rapid Prototyping
Customer Research